3 Moments A Day I Spent Talking with God

January 23, 2017

Of course, there is no set time to talk to God. He’s with us 24/7, seven days a week, 356 days a year. But, here are four times I take out my day to just reflex and pray.

1.) Preparing for work in the morning. Many of my mornings are spent standing at the coffee maker praying for a successful and happy day. It’s still quiet and my world is still at peace.

2.) Running and/or working out. Honestly, a lot of the time I wouldn’t make it through my workouts without God. Lol. It can be so hard to focus on running when I have a million things to do sometimes. Recently, I actually started to run with nothing in my ears. Instead of letting music motivate me, I ask God to. And when I say I ask him to motivate me I actually ask him. Lol. The strange looks from other runners remind me that my mouth is moving.

3.) Cooking dinner. Cooking has become a stress relieving activity for me. It’s the one time a day I get to do something I truly love. While cooking, I always find myself just praying for the days to come. Mostly because I hate saying my prayers while laying in bed, drifting off. So cooking is a good time for me to pray and reflect on my day.

When do you guys pray? Comment below and let me know moments in your day that you set aside to talk to Jesus about your struggles and thank him for your blessings. I’d love to know.

Until next time, Nuggets!



Faith Changes Things: How life falls together with faith

October 16, 2016

Hello Nuggets, Welcome to! So much has changed since my last posting.. #1 my blog has its very own domain now! Whoo hoo! I’m officially official. No more, WordPress. Haha. #2 for those who were subscribed to my old blog from the jump, know I relocated to Tuscaloosa in order to pursue my masters in Speech Therapy – yea, that’s no more! God had other plans! My year in graduate school at UA was more than a struggle. I spent an entire year stressing out about tests week to week, crying over B- grades, sleeping in the library after studying there for 12 hours on end, and working with clients for 8+ hours on a daily basis. My faith was being tested and I questioned rather or not a Masters was even obtainable for me. I cried almost every day. Why was the ONE GOAL I dreamed about my entire life falling apart? Why was the faith I worked so hard to obtain, crumbling in my face? Until one day everything became so clear…. Summer of 2015, I received my placement for clinic – a mentorship at UA’s on-campus Autism clinic. While there I was forced back into my “Psychology Ways”. I had to come up with treatment places, methods of encouraging social interaction, and oh did I mention co-leading group (literally, can you picture a group with two ASD students fascinated with action movies, one majoring in engineering, and another who can do ANY math problem – in his head, YES INTERESTING! Lol). With that push, my real passion became very much evident and clear. It was like God was speaking directly to me again. Every quality I wanted in a career was at that clinic. I quickly realized that it wasn’t so much of Speech Path that interested me but the disorders that lead most children to need speech therapy. Autism, ADHD, OCD, PTSD, the list goes on and on. How can we help these children? What treatments are best to help them learn and socialize? With my new found sense of purpose, I asked God what I needed to do next? Two weeks later I checked my mailbox and what was inside but a letter from UWA. Not even a letter mailed directly to me, just a random, standard Admissions letter promoting their new graduate program. Was this fate? I mean I asked God to lead me to new places – why would he lead me back to the same university I got my undergraduate from? The same university every single person knows me at? The same university that built my resume, allowed me to travel the world, the university that granted me titles and opportunities some people dreamed of…..(that was my moment of clarity. haha) That realization helped me make the BEST decision of my life – not only to transfer back to West but to PUT ALL MY TRUST IN GOD! Within a week I received an acceptation letter into the graduate program. While I am still adjusting to the switch, things are MUCH better. My confidence in the classroom is back, my grades are still awesome – I just don’t have to live in a library to achieve them, and my schedule has a lot more time for me to work my job at UA. Which is still going great, BTW! So much is evolving and so many more opportunities are available now! I look forward to the future and this new path. I also plan to put a lot of my efforts back into my blog, which I plan to take viral on YouTube once I develop subscribers. Oh, did I mention my best friend and I got our first house; back porch and all. Lol. Our decorating will be a big part of my Vlog but more about all that will come closer to November (sells, duh!). I’ve definitely been learning a lot about myself and I’m still evaluating. Relationships, friendships, goals – I’m growing! I’m aiming for weekly postings from now on so be sure to follow me on social medias to know when I am posting. Also, I LOVE QUESTIONS! So ask them, tell me what you want me to talk about; suggestions are always pros! Be blessed Nuggets!



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  1. Courtnye S. says:

    I’m SO enjoying reading here. Thanks for inviting me.


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