How Am I Potty Training My Morkie?

Hey guys! I know you a few tips and tricks on my Insta-story about how potty training is going for Liesel and I but I wanted to give you all a full break down of what I’ve found to work for us in our home. For Liesel, everything is a routine — even our day to day stuff. Same thing every day. Like when I say we repeat THE SAME THING EVERY DAY I’m beyond serious. Yes, it’s annoying for adults but it’s so good for growing and learning pups!

First things first, he doesn’t have many teeth so I had to start by finding him a treat he really liked. We tried so many different kinds until I finally ran across some peanut butter, banana flavor ones he just loved. They are tiny and chewy, and literally perfect for teething puppies.

Next thing, I did was DEODORIZE MY HOUSE! I mean clean your house top to bottom! Find some good pet deodorize for your carpet, mop your hardwood, get up any dried up old poop stains. Even make sure your couch and fabrics (throws, etc) are fresh and clean. Boys like to mark their territory so it’s essential they can’t smell themselves when starting. Lol. I wasn’t very hard on Liesel at the beginning with potty training so I let a lot slide, so when starting over and becoming serious I had to almost make it smell like no dog ever lived there. I clean heavy anyways like every two weeks to prevent animal order anyway (and because I’m massively OCD about everything being in place and smelling “homey” all the time). I do not leave Liesel out while I clean. I use those two-hours to practice crate training with him. So he’s in the crate during that time to prevent him from eating deodorizer and from being in the way.

Our at home training method —

When I first get out a new pad out, I let Liesel walk with me to put it where it goes. It is essential to it in the same spot EVERY SINGLE TIME. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Lol. We have two places for our pads in our home. If I’m home with him, the pad is in my room at the foot of the bed. Nowhere else. Easy access to it. I usually let him walk over it, smell it with me when I’m initially putting a fresh one out. Now that he understands better he’ll go ahead and pee on it to put his scent on the pad so he’ll know where to go. At first, he uses to think it was a game and would just focus on me. Don’t get discouraged if this happens. Your pup just isn’t quite sure what this “paper” is used for. If your dog does that, just pick him up, face him towards it, and refocus him on the task at hand. When first starting training I use to take Liesel back to the pad every 30 to 45 minutes because he’s still a baby honestly. And honestly, sometimes he’s so busy following me around he’s not thinking about going potty. Typically every time I take him he goes. Now here’s the fun part, as soon as he goes on the pad (regardless to the size of the pee or poop) I praise him and we go to the puppy area of the pantry and get a treat. Now Liesel is really good at running to the pad himself but he just started doing this oh let’s say 2 weeks ago and he mostly does it places he’s more comfortable at like home, my office, at my parent’s house, and places it’s not a lot of people at. If your dog sleeps with you or on the couch, you have to notice when he or she is being weird. Liesel will walk up and down the edge of the bed, on my face, whatever possible until I put him down then jets to the pad. Lol. Paying attention is key during this teaching process. So monitoring when your pup goes is important. So I know it’s going to sound annoying but you have to get him a treat every time he goes the first few weeks. I understand we have long days at work and we get comfortable on the couch but it’s essential you reward him so that your pup understands what he or she is doing is correct and the proper place to go.

Our at work training method —

When heading off to work in the mornings, I put Liesel in the bathroom and I block him from getting out with a baby gate from Walmart. I put just enough food and water in there. You really shouldn’t leave water and food with newly potty training pups because it makes them go more but I’ve learned Liesel doesn’t eat much when I’m around because he’s so busy being in my Kool-Aid following me and wanting to play. But, when I leave food in the bathroom with him while I’m away he eats a full bowl. This is something that just works for us.

When I’m transitioning Liesel to the bathroom, I take over that same previous pad he’s already marked in there too. Always ensure his pad is away from his food on the opposite side of the bathroom. They won’t potty too close to their food. I try not to put a fresh pad out if I’m not going to be there with him to make sure he uses it. I always try to put one that’s already marked in there. Once I get home I check the floor and pad if it’s all on the pad — he gets a treat for a good day. If I see pee spots on the floor I walk him to it and say “no treat. You potty on the floor”. Or I whip it up and let him smell the tissue, then rub it on the pad so he gets the correlation. I also have a camera in the bathroom that shows from my phone so I see if he’s purposefully peeing on the floor all day.


– Praise your pet constantly: verbally and physically with a treat. One treat per trip to the pad. Do not exceed around 6-7 treats a day. In my opinion.

– Spend a lot of time with your puppy. Liesel will purposefully pee on the floor if I’m not paying a lot of attention to him. One morning this week he peed in the bed because I was rushing off to work and he kept barking and I wouldn’t look over at him. So to get some sort of attention he peed and when I saw it I fussed. Remember your puppy is almost as equivalent to a baby and any attention is okay with them. Let’s make sure it’s positive attention, however!

– If your pup drinks water or eats, take him to the pad 15-20 minutes after. They have to go, TRUST ME!

– I personally skipped crate training because my work days are too long. Factoring in PT and my drive to and from work I’m away nearly 10 hrs. That’s entirely too long to have Liesel inside a crate at 16 weeks. However, if your days are shorter you may want to start there then make your way to pad training then outside. We do practice crate training but in moderation. That is a blog to come so stay tuned.

Again, all these tips and tricks are things that I found worked for Liesel. Every household trains differently and what works for my pup may not work for yours. Do not feel discouraged. I researched and tried multiple methods before finding a routine that worked for us. Piecing together tips and methods also worked for me. Don’t give up!

Until next time PAWrents!

Chels & Liesel

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  1. alaysha says:

    It took me an entire year to potty train my yorkie. 😩. Great tips. I also found that deodorizing my home helped

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  2. Maltese salute, Liesel! Well, a half salute.

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