Nut-free Peanut + Banana Protein Pancakes

Let’s all be honest here, sometimes we just don’t have the time to make an elaborate, healthy breakfast. And other times we just don’t feel like dealing with the hassle. So here is an easy, 5-ingredient protein pancake recipe to make any health nut happy.


Did I hear someone say their allergic to peanuts? Well, me too sister-friend. It seems like every healthy breakfast routine involves nuts. I cannot escape it. For years, I avoided all types of snacks and meal replacements because they involved some form of nuts or peanut butter. But recently I found a few supplements for my allergies. This recipe is only one of many to come. I’m a big fan of using around-the-house-items. Meaning I hate grocery shopping and I don’t do it often unless its necessary. Lol. So let’s get into it!


Peanut-free peanut butter

Bananas (2)

Protein powder (1 scoop)

Egg (1)

Egg Whites

Coconut milk *optional*

Step by Step:

1.) Mush together a single banana.

2.) Crack an egg and pour in just enough egg white to mix the combination (this is a self-evaluating step — Southerners don’t use measuring cups often. Lol)

3.) Add in a single scoop of protein powder, or two depending on how many servings you are preparing. Any kind of vanilla tasting protein is okay to be used. There are no limitations on brands, and honestly, I have been tempted to try other flavors as well. So go for it!

4.) A splash of coconut milk is optional for added flavor but not required. I don’t buy it often so I don’t always include it.

5.) Mix until all the lumps are gone and the batter looks nice and smooth.

6.) Oil the pan. I personally use light calorie butter. Oils give my pancakes a strange taste. Yuck! Allow the pan to warm up prior to putting the batter into the pan.

7.) Once the pan is warm enough pour some of the batter into the pan and let it cook similar to cooking normal pancakes. Once the pancake is formed and the edges are crispy flip it. I’m here for crispy edges!

Once you have cooked your pancakes, allow them to cool down. NOW here comes the fun part! We are ready to decorate our protein pancakes. Take your peanut-free (if you are allergic like me) or your regular peanut butter and spread it on top. The peanut free peanut butter I use is located at your local Publix. I have been using it for a few weeks now and I have not had any reactions nor an upset tummy. But always be mindful EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT! Chop up another banana and place them on top. Throw those two end pieces away. Now listen up! Here’s your chance to get creative… You can sprinkle your favorite oats on top. You can also add other fruit you enjoy. Sometimes I add blueberries or strawberries. Whatever floats your boat. The limit does not exist in this recipe lol **insider**

Then eat up!




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