Big Hair Don’t Care | Curly Extensions Review ft. UNice Hair

Happy Snow Day Bama!

I know I promised you guys a warm treat on this cold day so here it is! I know everyone has been inquiring about my UNice Peruvian Jerry Curl Hair so I decided to a one week review.

Background on my hair… I ordered the actual bundles (3 bundles all in 20-inch length) in August. While I did have it installed then – it was installed with leave out. Meaning I had my real hair out along with it. BIG MISTAKE! I know! I was able to pull off a cute high bun with some hanging in the back. But, I’ve definitely learned my lesson. So for Black Friday I went back and ordered an 18-inch closure.



(This was the hair installed with hair left out. This was my favorite, ready to go/pre-K teacher style.)

Initial look of the hair

The jerry curl pattern has a distinctive shape and looks to it. However, it looked extremely new so I washed the bundles and closure before getting them installed. I loved the individual packaging. Each bundle in a clear, long ziplock; same for the closure. Very neat and well protected. They also included a free pair of lashes. Now, I’m not big on lashes but I have an awesome pair or for when I do need them or someone wants to borrow a pair.


Daily maintenance of the hair

Maintaining the hair is pretty simple. A little water in a spray bottle will do. You can also massage some leave-of conditioner into the hair to ensure a “poppin'” curl pattern. Start at the ends of your hair working up to the roots with the leave-in conditioner. Be sure to be squishing the conditioner in and NOT RUNNING YOUR FINGERS THROUGH THE HAIR! Running your fingers through the hair is ensuring detangling but you don’t want to shed at the start of your day so save that method for wash day. Be sure not to over saturate your hair. A dime shaped amount of conditioner on each side of your head should be fine. You can also do the same for Eco styling gel. However, I don’t recommend doing both together. We don’t want flat, dirty hair.

Washing the hair

Wash day was simpler than expected. First, I wet my hair thoroughly. Once the hair was wet all over I sectioned the hair off into four areas and started detangling. I used a wide-tooth comb to detangle. No special brand, I have plenty and I use different ones each time. Be sure to take your time, we don’t want to pull out hair. Personally, when detangling I did not have much shedding. I had some tangles towards the roots but not enough to cause any problems. I just worked a little slower towards the seal.

Once my hair was detangled, I did my first wash. I used Aussie Mega Moist Shampoo. This shampoo was purchased from Target and was around $7.00 on sale. When shampooing, I start from my roots and work my way down. Massaging the shampoo in and really trying to get to my braids underneath. Now with this particular sew in, I have a net over my braids so I can’t get to them as well but I just try my best to get the hair as clean as possible. I only leave soap in for 2 to 3 minutes then rinse it out. I repeat that twice.

I then get an old shirt I don’t wear anymore and lightly pay my hair. DO NOT USE A TOWEL! Towels pull out moisture from your hair causing it to become dry. Once you lightly pat your hair, it’s time for the conditioner. I use the combo of the Aussie Shampoo, Aussie Miraculously Smooth Conditioner. It was also about seven bucks on sale. You don’t need much of this. A quarter-sized amount is good. Distribute it across your head focusing on your ends first then working your way up; squeezing it into the hair. Allow the conditioner to sit for about 15 minutes. Wash it out, then allow it to air dry. I personally do not add heat to my extensions unless it’s colder outside. In cases like those, I’d use a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment to mostly dry my braids underneath. Once your hair is dry style as desired!

SIDE-NOTE: The Aussie conditioner is very lightweight and can even be used as a leave-in conditioner so if you desire to leave it in, by all means, do so. I just prefer my Cantu leave in conditioner for days I’m in a hurry.


Overall opinion of the Hair

Overall, I’m loving the hair so far. It looks a lot better as a full sew in with no hair left out. Very little shedding thus far and the curl pattern definitely bounces back with little work. It does become overwhelming having so much hair but you can pin it up.





How to order this look?

UNice Hair

Peruvian Jerry Curl

(1) 18 inch 3-part closure

(3) 20-inch bundles

Direct link to the Hair featured: CLICK HERE

Discount code: WS5 for $5 OFF $100, WS8 for $8 OFF $160, WS10 for $10 OFF $200 (use for money off your hair!)

Hairstylist: Tia Dubose | Tuscaloosa, AL

Stay Beautiful Nuggets!

Snow Day 2017


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  1. alayshasw11 says:

    You are rocking that hair! I love Unice hair. I haven’t tried this texture yet.


    1. Chelsea Malia says:

      Thank you honey! It’s really good! I’m really enjoying it

      Liked by 1 person

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