The Guide to the Perfect Gifts for Millennials

Millennials, also known as Generation Y or “the Net Generation”, are the demographic cohort that directly follows Generation X. According to Iconoclast, the first group of Millennials was born around 1978.  As the most ethnically diverse generation, Millennials tend to be tolerant of difference. We are slightly more optimistic about the future of America than other generations — despite the fact that we are the first generation since the Silent Generation that is expected to be less economically successful than their parents. Our optimism for entering into adulthood can lead to unrealistic expectations, which sometimes causes disillusionment. Many early Millennials went through post-secondary education only to find themselves employed in unrelated fields or underemployed and job hopping more frequently than previous generations.

As a millennial myself, I can affirm we grew up in an electronics-filled and increasingly online and socially-networked world. Being said to send over 50 plus texts a day; 29% of us prefer to stay religiously unaffiliated and 50% prefer to remain politically unaffiliated. WOW!

With factors like this weighing in its good to say we are the most diverse generation. But, that’s not always a good thing. Now is? With our high-tech lifestyles and need for the elaborate things in life, it can sometimes make us hard to learn. We find ourselves displeased with gifts from other generations. We don’t intentionally try to do this, or be mean – but our taste is a little “high maintenance” to say the least. So here’s a detailed guide to Christmas shopping this year for the most difficult generation yet.

  1. Gift cards. Starbucks. Apple Music. Applebee’s. Panera Bread. Amazon Prime. The local nail salon. These are just a few options to consider when buying gift cards for a millennial. An added plus is that cards come in pretty affordable, refillable pricing ($5, $10, $15, $25, $50, or however much you desire). On the contrary, from experience, it’s NO fun receiving Starbucks cards with anything less than 20 bucks on it. Drinks run about 5 dollars. So it’s easy to use them up quickly. Otherwise, gift cards are my personal favorite gifts to receive and give!“YOU GET A GIFT CARD. YOU GET A GIFT CARD. YOU GET A GIFT CARD!”
  2. Money. Let’s be honest, the quickest way to anyone’s heart is money. Lol.
  3. iPhone X. Millennial LOVE pictures and capturing our lives on film for all our followers to see. The iPhone X (10) comes with both front and back portrait mode to help bring photos to life. Also, it helps that it’s the newest and updated phone – meaning it’s a must-have.
  4. Amazon Fire TV Stick. Millennial don’t have time to sit down and watched the same shows weekly, nor do we have time to go to the movies to catch the new film every other week. The fire sticks offer the option of watching what we want WHEN WE WANT. There is no waiting and no time commitments. We are way too busy to pencil in Empire, Blackish, or Law & Order: SVU into our planners.
  5. Helping them apply for their passport. Millennial safe on the move!! We are ready to see the world. No destination is too far and no trip is too big or too small. Adventure is our middle name, and we need to prepared. Paying the fees to purchase a passport is an awesome, yet affordable gift. Especially if your local courthouse does your picture there too. But, if you’re like me and yours didn’t – an extra 7 bucks to your hundred dollar fee isn’t too bad.
  6. Tickets to a concert or sporting event. What’s a better way to liven up our Instagram pages than a nice trip? Like I’ve mentioned before Millennials are a generation predominantly focused on “likes”. Anything from a radio concert or an NBA game can make for an exciting trip full of photos. Especially, if you are a pro at angles and editing.
  7. Buy them groceries for the month. We are a prideful generation. We are going getters, that sometimes have a hard time asking for help. While we love the lavished things, we will also live off Roman noodles for a month until our federal aid comes through to prevent from being a bother. Asking for help is our downfall – so even doing something as stocking our fridge for finals or the new school year can be the perfect gift for us.
  8. Pay a bill. Please? 
  9. Netflix, Hulu, and/or HBO Now subscription. Nothing helps more than a weekend free of work or studying, binge watching a show. A year-long subscription to any of these can save a millennials life. My top suggestions of worthy shows to binge: One Tree Hill (Netflix), She’s Gotta Have It (Netflix), Law & Order: SVU (Hulu), American Horror Story (Netflix), Insecure (HBO), and any documentary on HBO.

Give any of these nine gifts and watch the eyes of a millennial light up!

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