Hey, guys! I know you have seen me hinting about a giveaway on my social media accounts. Well, the details are finally here. The top link clicked on my website was my Lace-Up One-Piece swimsuit from Victoria Secret from my trip to the Middle East, so I decided why not give one away to my viewers. I’m so thankful for you guys; and every view, like, share, and comment you give. Blogging is something I’ve always wanted to dabble in and the fact that you all support it makes me so happy. I seen my views jump from 1 viewer to 75, to 200 somedays! It’s an amazing feeling; and if I could hug each and everyone of you I would.

So with that being said, lets jump right to it. To win my swimsuit, there are four simple steps:

1.) Like, share, and comment on my giveaway promotion video. This video is available on my fan page, Instagram, and Twitter. Be sure to tag me in the post and hashtag #IssaGiveaway #ChelseaMaliaStyle so I can confirm you shared it.

2.) LIKE MY FACEBOOK FAN PAGE. You need updates, right?

3.) View my Middle East Vacay blog to check out the link to the swimsuit. Also, go ahead and think about what design pattern and size you’d like if you win….miracles happen every day.

4.) Click the Contact tab to my website and fill out the box with your name, email, and the hashtags #IssaGiveaway #ChelseaMaliaStyle

If chosen, you will have up to ten days to contact me with your email address, physical address, size, and the pattern you want me to purchase the swimsuit. IF THE WINNER OF THIS CONTEST DOES NOT RESPOND BY THE 10TH DAY, A NEW WINNER WILL BE CHOSEN! It’s only fair guys! Someone needs this free swimmie! Once I have all your information I will have the swimsuit ordered and express shipped to your house. I will keep you updated with tracking via email (I will provide you with your tracking number – I know how excited we ladies are with online shopping, lol).

Thank you so much for the support! You guys don’t know how much it means to me! Be on the look out for more blog posts, giveaways, and Youtube surprises. *HINT HINT*


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