#IssaLook | Power Suits 17′

Ditch the crop tops and overalls! Lose the nifty tees and boring cocktail dresses. Summer 2017 will have an even bigger hint of the 90s. this year With designers like Dior and LaBellaChic leading the herd – of course, the younger labels would follow. Stores like Zara and Top Shop aren’t just filled with, denim statement pieces this season but they are filling up with power suits as well.

The 2017 Power Suit revolution is offering girls a chance to live their Clueless and Carrie Bradshaw (post-Big) dreams even in 2017.


Cut-out Blazer Dress – Topshop (ORDER HERE)

The crossover low rise blazer-style short dress with lapel collar and a flair wrist style sleeve. The dress utilized its gold, pearl-like buttons as statement pieces to defer wearers from adding too many accessory pieces. The open shoulders also calls for fewer accessories. The actual color of the dress is black although when photographed it appeared to be a navy blue. The dress was purchased one size smaller to prevent too much cleavage. 

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  1. Lau Mon says:

    Simple is the new back. I like that white one. It’s simple and classy. Simplicity is the keynote to all true elegance.

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