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Hey, Nuggets! Welcome to my very first hair review on my blog! If this is your first time catching up to me – let’s start with my obsession with length bobs and lobs. Effortfortless curls give my lengthy bobs the carefree, “maybe I care about my hair” look that I love so much. The style is perfect any time of year; short enough for summer yet full enough for winter.

Ayesha Curry first introduced me to the messy, shoulder-length bob in December of 2014. Stephen Curry (her husband) was finally getting the media attention he deserved for his more than superb basketball skills. Along with individual fame came the need-to-know of his entire life and family. Baby Riley claim to fame happened when she rapped her favorite Drake verse to an army of media reporters. But, where was the third Curry? Well, Ayesha was on the sideline that day cheering on her husband and her outgoing 4-year-old. Ayesha sports her messy, layered bob on her Instagram and in her cookbook photo shoots regularly. The carefree style is an easy-to-maintain do. You can avoid daily curling by twisting sections before bed then simply shaking them out in the morning. The style isn’t meant to be neat – it’s purposefully supposed to look messy and out of hand. Below are my favorite messy, shoulder-length bobs to refer to when I am in the salon.

When planning for my lengthy bobs – what brand of hair extensions to use is extremely important. I typically use local hair brands but after watching some YouTube vloggers talk about their experience with UNice Hair I thought let’s try something new!

UNice was born in 1999 in the Xuchang, Henan, China with 15 years experience. The brand was developed from a small local textile processing enterprises and gradually into a global human hair enterprises in the world. They specialized in professional set design, production, sales, service over the world. In 2015, UNice built their website and became a professional hair weave and hair extension supplier and best seller.

My experience with UNice hair was a great one. I ordered the UNice Malaysian Body Wave Virgin Hair 3 Bundles (12, 14, 14). The three bundles were 78.00$ before tax. Express shipping was 20.00$ and I applied a -3$ discount for my first purchase from the site; leaving my total amount paid as 95.00$. I paid via PayPal just in case the experience turned shady. The texture of the hair was extremely soft and tangle free; even when the hair began to get old I never noticed tangles. The hair blended well and didn’t hold excess products. The hair had to be cut one or two inches to create the even shoulder length look but it was not much. When I did feel like the hair was weighted down and I did not have the time to wash it, I would spray a little dry shampoo on it and it would go back to normal. This hair worked very well with dry shampoo. However, curls lasted an extremely long time. I would only need to put heat on the hair maybe once every two weeks. On the days in-between I just twisted sections of the hair at night then shook them loose in the morning. There was literally nothing I disliked about this hair! It was the best and most affordable hair I have ever used. The shipping was very timely and honored by 2-day express shipping. The packing was neat and colorful. They included a free pair of lashes and another coupon for a discount. Overall, I recommend this hair to readers!


UNice Malaysian Body Wave Hair 4P

3 bundles


 Xoxo, Chelsea Malia

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  1. This hair is gorgeous! Looking forward to your future posts!
    Stop by my space sometime,
    Mena |


    1. Chelsea Malia says:

      Mena, loved your website! I smell a collab one day. Haha! xoxo, Chelsea Malia

      Liked by 1 person

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