John Legend Darkness & Light Tour // One-Piece #OOTD

My love for John Legend is real but my OBSESSION with his wife Chrissy Teigen is even bigger; so when the pair announced another trip to Tuscaloosa for his Darkness And Light Tour it was a must I get a ticket. My ticket was gifted to me by a friend for my birthday so I am unsure of the cost but based on just looking on Ticketmaster I would say it cost around 102$.

The concert was simply wonderful. I was a bit nervous about not knowing many of the songs because this album was not one of my favorite John Legend works but he played a wide variety of his music.


Above photos from John

When I started thinking about an outfit to wear to this concert I ran across a photo of Gabrielle Union and loved it. She gave off such a free yet stylish vibe that I just fell in love instantly. #TheStartOfTheBlackJumperSearch



I looked at all my favorite shops first…Lulus, Top Shop, BooHoo. NOTHING! Then I ran across a clothing store ad on Facebook. Personally, ordering stuff via Facebook typically makes me pretty nervous so I spent a few days researching Rosewe first. Reviews were mixed but since the website came with an 1800 number I decided to order. I paid 30$ for the actual jumper and 11$ (or maybe 16$ I can’t remember) for rush shipping. I paid via PayPal just in case the situation turned shady. Remember, if a site seems fake – pay through PayPal they will get the situation handled and money returned. If the website does not offer the PayPal option, it’s probably not legit.


Jumpsuit: Flouncing Black High Waist Wide Legged Jumpsuit –

The jumpsuit ran a little small. I ordered a Large based on sizing chart and although mine fit wonderfully, if I had any curves it would have been way too short. The legs were wide but a little short for my liking. I’m 5’6 and you could still see a little too much of my shoes. I prefer jumpsuits (especially wide-leg ones) to fully cover my shoe except for the toe-tip. The material felt very thick and comfortable but I would not trust washing it in machines. I hand washed the material then let it air dry to prevent further shrinkage.


Shoes: Eloise Gold High Heel Sandals –

I paid 12$ for these heels on sale at Lulu’s awhile back. They were originally priced at 34$. They were extremely comfortable for the four-hour concert.

**Theses are now on sale for 20$ click the link to get them NOW**

For copyright reasonings, I cannot post my videos of the concert but if you follow me on any social media site you should be able to see several videos I posted. If you are not following me. Click on my contact page below and my account usernames will be available.


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