Let’s Travel Darling // Diane von Furstenberg +traveling tips

Traveling is essential to my age group right now. We are in the prime of our lives: we work hard at full-time jobs to pay our bills while balancing graduate programs, assistantships, friendships, relationships, and health. We deserve a little fun. I started traveling as a way to reward myself for how well I was doing in life. What was the point of working hard if you cannot enjoy it? On my most recent trip to NYC, I purchased new luggage. I chose a Diane von Furstenberg piece because of its stylish demeanor but most of all because of its light feel. It’s a hardback so its easy to clean and maintain. When packing for the 5 days, 6-night trip I pulled out my best packing tips to prepare. So lets jump right into it!

1.) Travel as light as possible. Airplanes have weight requirements for bags and once you go over that assigned weight you will be charged or asked to remove items. And we don’t want that. Try laying out all your outfits before actually putting them inside your luggage. Limit yourself. Match multiple tops with the same pair of pants. Tops are easier to condense down versus jeans. Plus, you will need space to bring back anything you buy while actually on the trip.

2.) Roll your clothes military style. That statement is pretty self-explanatory.

3.) Have a game plan. Once you have narrowed down what you are wearing and have rolled it into military style; begin the packing process. Place shoes in the bottom of the suitcase, line all jeans and pants within the spaces between the shoes – making everything as flat and even as possible. Next, place your shirts/dresses on top. Depending on space you could probably lay your shirts flat. My luggage has a mesh section on the other side that I use for my undergarments.

**if you have jackets: wear the thickest one on board and pack the others in those easy storage zip lock bags. They are about 30 bucks for a pack and all you do is pack them up then suck the air out with a vacuum. Once sealed and flatten they can lay right on top.

4.) Skincare and makeup. I have particular porches for my skincare and another for my makeup and brushes. I was gifted a very spacious Vera Bradley travel case for my skincare and personal hygiene products. It goes everywhere with me. Both pouches I keep in my carry on. (I’d flip my wig if baggage lost my makeup – literally!)

5.) Hair products. When I travel I do my best to limit curling irons and things of that nature. Typically, I carry just my flat irons because I can curl my hair with them as well as straighten it. And I love the fact they can slide right down in the side of my suitcase.

6.) MAKE A LIST! As cliche’ as it sounds list making is the best way to be completely positive you have everything you need. Even if you jot the list down in your phone while you’re at the hair salon, as long as you can see what you need you’ll be okay.

Remember, these are tips that work for me. If you have better tips or more questions feel free to go to my contact page and write me. I would love to hear you guys feedback.



LUGGAGE DETAILS: Diane von Furstenberg

Click here for my luggage!

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  1. Thank you for these tips! I’m about to go to Taiwan for 7 weeks and I almost forgot some of these things.


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