Officially a World Traveler // My Next Adventure

Hey, Nuggets! It’s official I’m a world traveler. Tickets are booked and the plans are made: I’m happy to announce my next adventure will be to the Middle East this summer for a 10-day break exploring Bahrain and Dubai. Although I have been out the country before this is my first out of country trip paid for by me. So you can understand my excitement, right? This trip will also be my very first vlogged trip for my Youtube channel which should be up and running in May. I was pushing for sooner but I decided to get my blog where I wanted it to be first – design and content wise. In the meantime, I’ve been preparing. I applied for my new passport and I’ve been saving money. My to-do list gets a little longer every day but I’m excited. I will defiantly be keeping you guys in the loop as I go. Be sure to follow me on all my social media outlets so you can see how my adventure unravels first hand.

INSTAGRAM | @chelseamaliaofficial

FACEBOOK | Her Crowning Moments

TWITTER | @crowningchels

SNAPCHAT | @princesstucker


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