How I Met Ayesha Curry + Day Trip to ATL

This weekend was every bit of amazing. I was blessed with the opportunity to attend a VIP Meet & Greet and book signing at Williams-Sonoma inside the Ponce City Market with my role model. Anyone who really knows me, knows I love everything Ayesha Curry so when it came time to personally say hello – the awkward shy Chelsea came out. Needless to say, not even my embarrassing actions could make Ayesha uncomfortable – not only did she agree to be my BFF but I got an autographed copy of her new cookbook, “The Seasoned Life”. Which may I add has some of the easiest yet delicious recipes. From her brown sugar bacon to her homemade yeast bread – if you’re looking to perfect your cooking skills this book is for you.

The trip was a total of about a 3-hour drive and of course, my hair and makeup caused me to be over an hour late but it was worth every mile. The tickets were affordable (32 bucks each) and VIP was offered for those who had a Williams – Sonoma credit card. Being able to meet someone I admire so much was a true blessing in every sense. She was beautiful in every single way possible.

Be sure to watch her new show “Ayesha Homemade” on the Food Network starting October 22nd at 12p/11c. You’ll get a glimpse of just how humble this self-made foodie really is. Thanks, Ayesha for a good time, next year I’ll definitely be at the conference and cooking class.

That night we spent our night on the Rooftop of the Ponce – City Market playing 1$ to 3$ games, riding rides, and eating and drinking well. To enter it was 10$ a person. The Rooftop was for adults only after 8 pm (21 years and up) and had everything from a slide to a sky ride to mini golf. Everything was very affordable and makes for an excellent date night and/or girls night out. If you’re every in Atlanta it’s definitely somewhere to go. It’s open every single day of the year.

Hangout on the Skyline of ATL





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