The last few couple of weeks has been filled with shopping for trips. The constant traveling, shopping for Instagram-worthy photos, and amazing food came effortlessly, I noticed my skin and body took a BIG HIT! I wasn’t taking care of my skin.

Here are four skincare items that proved helpful to my skin while I was on the road:

IMG_0301 2.jpg

1.) Proactiv Solution – I have been using this stuff since I was in Jr. High School. It runs me about 20$ a month, for three months. The tubes are MUCH bigger than the ones pictured. You get a trial pack to see how your skin reacts to the products. I use this primarily to clean and tone my face. I use it once daily (in the morning times).

2.) Biore Black Soap – This is my go-to product for a nighttime wash. Once I remove my makeup, I typically wash my face with this black soap to make sure all the products are washed out of my pores. Built up makeup, dead skin, and dirt in your pores cause pimples. This product is excellent for decreasing outbreaks and pimples. I am unclear on pricing because it was gifted to me but I’m more than positive it’s no more than 10 bucks at your local Walmart or Target.


3.) Lubriderm – is an excellent lightweight moisturizer to put on your face pre-makeup. It’s affordable and lasts pretty long. REMEMBER: LESS IS ALWAYS MORE for this product. I typically apply a thin layer before using my MAC makeup primer.img_0303

4.) Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes – the product is pretty self-explanatory. Haha. I use it to remove my makeup then I co-wash with the black soap mentioned above.


5.) MAC Prime + Prep highlighter exlumineur & natural radiance base Lumiere – both of these products are AMAZING. I literally use them both every time I apply my makeup. The base is used post thin layer of moisturizing lotion to create a radiant, bright look to my makeup. The highlighter is used to lessen the chance of dark spots showing. The products appear as a light orangey color. I put just a little on every dark spot on my face. Once again, A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY! I then blend it into my skin with a dry sponge before applying my Pro-long wear foundation (also pictured). This foundation is waterproof – meaning you will never use a wet sponge to blend it. Don’t ask why just trust me you will not be a happy camper. This foundation is a bit pricey for such a small bottle so I suggest getting a cheaper foundation for every day and only use it on important dates or events.

IMG_2758 2.jpg

6.) I Hate u, I love you by Gnash – JUST LISTEN TO IT!


7.) Black Fringe Crossbody – Every girl loves a good crossbody, add fringes and we’re in heaven. I spotted this little beauty in TJ Maxx for about 28$ – it’s not named brand but it definitely looks high end. I originally had my eyes set on a Rebecca Minkoff fringe back that would have cost me at least 116 bucks (pictured below). That definitely was not happening!

8.) Donny Trumpet & the Social Experiment – I am literally obsessed with their 2015 hit Sunday Candy. The Social Experiment includes up and coming Chicago MC, Chance the Rapper who has the current hit No Problems featuring Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz (also a favorite of mine). Chance is known for his overnight success hopping on tracks with everyone from Kayne West to Kehlani. While his verses on Sunday Candy are amazing, I enjoy the soulful hook and impressive trumpet in the background.

Watch the video

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